Facing the Giants – discussion

27 06 2009


The team saw revival when they implemented the new team philosophy:

Honour God in every aspect of your lives.

If we win, we praise God; if we lose, we praise God

Here are some discussion questions (that was supposed to be discussed during aspirers but because God was doing a work and moving through the service, we did not have time for it):

  1. Even though we know that nothing is impossible for God, it is sometimes hard to simply trust Him with our situation. Discuss some of the difficulties that people face when it comes to ‘laying it all down at His feet’ or ‘trusting Him to take over the wheel of our lives’ – especially when the odds are against us or when we don’t get what we want.
  2. Brock had some reasonable complains and hindrances when he was asked to give his best (which is more than he thought he had). What were some of Brock’s ‘complains’ during the death crawl and during the final game?
  3. 2006_facing_the_giants_003
  4. In the movie, Brooke Taylor (the wife of the coach) learnt to let go and let God. When she discovered that she yet again did not have a baby, she said while choking back tears, “I will still love you Lord”. What can we learn from her attitude?2006_facing_the_giants_001

Do reply at the comment section and share some thoughts and feelings – to bless others who are reading as well as be blessed by other’s comments and thoughts.

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One response

27 07 2009

The best movie I’ve ever seen. Inspired and touch. Coach Taylor and Brook faced many problems in life…finalcially, home, school, family etc. But when they let God come into their lives…all things changes. I was inspired because God is waiting for us to call upon Him and then will He set miracles and make His glory revealed through us. Praise Him

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