Personality Profiling!

14 07 2010

This Personality Profiling will start at 3.30pm this Saturday and end at 6.30pm

This special session is aimed at helping you (youths only) discover your own traits and characteristics which makes you uniquely you – some are in born and some are learnt – and how to work with others who are different from you. So do come and learn a thing or two for better future teamwork and relationship with other people that you are bound to face.


Journey to Holiness

2 06 2010

A whole new series taught by our very own Pastor Sally! Do come and join us every Saturday of June to complete this series and learn more about the Tabernacle, prayer and worship.

Movie Viewing

5 04 2010

Coming to Aspirers

10th April 2010


Design Workshop

28 12 2009

December calendar

1 12 2009

Here are the events of the coming month…. Be in the KNOW!

Media Fast

11 08 2009

media fast guidelines

Double Seminar

28 07 2009

bridging seminar