27th Anniversary

5 07 2010

It’s time to party again and this time BBQ style. For chicken wing and charcoal lovers out there. We decided to be a bit adventurous this time and turned the entire night into a light show and food bazaar.

Thank you all for coming and for those who work their butts off. Here’s to you!


1317 @ Semenyih

19 05 2010

Finally it was 1317’s turn to travel all the way to Semenyih on a Sunday morning to minister. With the group bearing of only school going youths, it was a little difficult to arrange for practices and the likes. Who knew that youths can be busier than adults sometimes.

Anyway, we had  a mission to accomplish. We were all called ministers to minister. So cramped into the vans we go, rolling to Semenyih. Everybody had a part to play and it was too late to back down or say that we’re too scared. We are all allotted talents and should rightfully use them.. together.. to extend and build His Kingdom and for His glory.

Personally, I reminded the group that we are going there not to be superstars but to minister and to serve. We have been blessed with so much and its time we learn to be a blessing. Whether or not we believe that we have been blessed with talents and resources, it is a fact that we are. And with God’s anointing, we went.

It is not too much to say that the youths themselves were blessed in return. Those ministering to the children brought back so much news about the excitement and joy in the little faces. “They were actually worshiping,” Jessamine said. It brought hope and joy that God can touch little children. Responses like the ones we received over there, fueled us to go on, do more. One could say that when we get complacent, we find very little reason to continue.

I wish we had time to sit down and hear the testimonies from each one of the youth that participated in this outreach ministry. (You can still leave your testimony in the comment section here) Surely we’ve all been blessed in one way or another. It is more blessed to give than to receive! That’s God’s principle and I believe it with all my heart.

The Torch Relay

15 03 2010

Aspirers Gives you… THE TORCH RELAY

True to any athlete spirit, the fire must keep burning. The winner is not the one who finishes first, but the one who finishes strong… with their fire still lit!

How does the game work?

Well you need to break into teams of 7 or 8 people (depending on the space you have). One person from each team stands on the spot mark ‘x’ so tat each spot has members from different team. Everyone is given a candle.

The first person’s candle is lit and sends off. He has to “pass the fire on” to the next person without extinguishing his own. He takes the place of the second person while the second person takes off with his fire to find the third person. If the fire should go out half way, he can turn back to the last team mate who has not extinguish his fire. The game goes on till the fire reaches the last team mate.

The first team who has reaches the end wins.

So we learn….

  • That we must defend our fire (faith) against all odd in any way we can
  • Nobody stands alone – we all need partners as we fuel each other onwards
  • We need to finish strong! and STILL ON FIRE!

Dear Kota Kemuning Assembly Youth

7 03 2010

Thank you for gracing us with your present. We had an awesome time worshiping and fellowship-ing with you guys!

We pray that God’s grace and mercy will always be upon you. We also pray that God will do amazing things through your youth group as you see youths flock in and their lives tremendously change by the power of the cross. Don’t give up or give in. The harvest is plenty but the workers are few.

God bless you!

Aspirers Camp 2010

1 03 2010

Aspirers Camp 2010: LET IT SHINE

26-28 February 2010

Golden Straits Villa, Port Dickson

Ps. Gideon lee

Pre Camp Pictures

Station Games Pictures

Camp cannot be expressed. It must be experienced! If you weren’t there, you should have! =)

Aspirers Christmas Party 2009

21 12 2009

Dear Friend,

Last night we partied! There was not a larger youth gathering at the Louis’ nor was there more people at Aspirers Christmas Party ever. It was more happening than ever! Though the skies threatened to cry and the food did not seem enough at first, the party went on. You couldn’t stop the mob! There was sooo many people! Even the pastors dropped by to lend their support.

We played games where we almost had a girl fight break out and someone might have twisted their arms. But it was uber fun! In the spirit of Christmas we sang carols of Christ’s birth and took picture by the Christmas tree. We ate and drank and laugh till the cows came home. Larissa gave a fantastic testimony on how God has been so faithful to her in just the simple things in life, even the preparation for this party.

And the party itself was full of life and noise. I hope everyone had a great time! I heard that because there are just too many people (and growing every year), we’ll need to have it at church next year so that more people can join us! It’s going to be BIGGER and BETTER!

And at the end, since there was so much cauliflowers leftover, a few of us stayed back with a mission to finish the entire tray. (which we almost succeeded had we not began to overdose on them) After thoroughly cleaning up as our act of gratitude to the Louises, we left them in peace… finally.

Wish you were there!

Love, the Aspirers.

Aspirers Christmas Party 2009 @ Louis'

Photos courtesy of Ale, Justin, Lari

Leaders Retreat

21 12 2009

A the end of every year, the leaders of Aspirers run drive away from everything else and into a world of our own. We are forced to face each other and live with each other’s funny habits. But we tell ourselves, it is only one night! We also learn to compromise and cooperate in order to make it work. Nothing is handed to you on no silver plates.We would boil our own water and serve our own breakfast, we must clear our own garbage and set up our own laptops. This year we even had to scrub our own toilets, dust our own cushion, mop our own floors. If you think leaders retreat is to lie on the beach and have someone serve you pinna colada, you are dreaming!

But it’s more than just that. And we all know it.

It’s a time we come before God just as we are – tired and in need of His touch. Sharing our hopes and disappointments on the same plain – as leaders, bearing the same burdens. It’s a time to look back and then to look forward. It’s a time we tell each other “you’ve done well. don’t give up yet” and then to pray for each other for strength, for wisdom, for passion and to be more like Jesus”. A song will rise from our spirit. Our emo-ing sessions are infectious.

Leaders Retreat (18-19 Dec 2009)

Pics courtesy of Ale

This year, the leaders of this year and of next year sat together in the same room. This year I saw the ‘older’ leaders rise up to take their place in the faith, using their giftings in a new level and faithfully. I heard their heart and was pleasantly surprised at the depth and maturity of their words. The first spark of excitement visited me.

Aspirers, believe me when I say next year is going to be a great year:

  • For many, it’s going to be a year of changes. Changes outside of your control. Changes bring about the need to make decisions. Decisions always stem out from your belief system. Are your foundations able to carry you through? Or will the waves simply sweep you away?
  • For some, there will be a challenge and/or a call to do something beyond yourself. Some of you have already heard that call! You may think you can’t or you’re not ready or that you’re not willing. But God is going to pour out His spirit upon all flesh whether you’re ready or not. I challenge you to say ‘yes God’ – whatever and whenever.

Get ready Aspirers…. 2010 is coming…

Love, Anne