Baptism of the Holy Spirit in Cell

24 05 2010

We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the initial physical evidence of speaking in tongues. We believe that this gift is for all believers, young or old. The Holy Spirit is a Counselor, spirit of truth and God with us. Baptism in the Holy Spirit is receiving power from on high to be effective witness for Him who called us. It is like being plugged into the ultimate source of power.

And since it is Jesus who baptizes, and not the person praying, it can happen anywhere. That’s the idea! You don’t need to wait for an anointed preacher or a special occasion. You can be alone in your room or in the comforts of a cell meeting. And it’s exciting when it happens! I wouldn’t tell you if it’s not true.

Just recently, BKYC had such a session. Here’s a short clip on what happened that night. We want to thank all parents for their patience of waiting outside until the prayer session was over. We were overjoyed at what God was doing in the midst of the younger youths that night. All those that were baptized that night were between the age of 11 and 15. To God be the glory forever, Hallelujah!

I want to challenge you to believe that God can is more than willing to move in your family, in your cell groups. The weight is not on God, but on us – the members – and our willingness. God comes close to those who are desperate for Him. Are we willing? Don’t wait for camps or special speakers! God can be just as real everyday moment of our lives! Don’t you wanna know what it’s like to experience an Almighty, All-knowing, Ever-Present God beside us everyday. No wonder the Bible says we can be more than overcomers.

– written by Szet Anne


1317 @ Semenyih

19 05 2010

Finally it was 1317’s turn to travel all the way to Semenyih on a Sunday morning to minister. With the group bearing of only school going youths, it was a little difficult to arrange for practices and the likes. Who knew that youths can be busier than adults sometimes.

Anyway, we had  a mission to accomplish. We were all called ministers to minister. So cramped into the vans we go, rolling to Semenyih. Everybody had a part to play and it was too late to back down or say that we’re too scared. We are all allotted talents and should rightfully use them.. together.. to extend and build His Kingdom and for His glory.

Personally, I reminded the group that we are going there not to be superstars but to minister and to serve. We have been blessed with so much and its time we learn to be a blessing. Whether or not we believe that we have been blessed with talents and resources, it is a fact that we are. And with God’s anointing, we went.

It is not too much to say that the youths themselves were blessed in return. Those ministering to the children brought back so much news about the excitement and joy in the little faces. “They were actually worshiping,” Jessamine said. It brought hope and joy that God can touch little children. Responses like the ones we received over there, fueled us to go on, do more. One could say that when we get complacent, we find very little reason to continue.

I wish we had time to sit down and hear the testimonies from each one of the youth that participated in this outreach ministry. (You can still leave your testimony in the comment section here) Surely we’ve all been blessed in one way or another. It is more blessed to give than to receive! That’s God’s principle and I believe it with all my heart.

Gunung Dato Climb

10 07 2009

Photos for the Gunung Dato’ climb where almost 30 Aspirers participated in…

What was YOUR experience? Tell YOUR story. Would you like to go again?



Video’s – 22.03.09

23 03 2009

Okay, here it is! The videos!

Worship During Aspirers – One Thing

Ian/Jian’s NS Testimony

Apparently I’m unable to embed YouTube videos here… or i forgot how =/