Hi all…

Here’s a list of available resources under Aspirers’ library. Since we got no where to display it for you, if you would like to pinjam or take a look, call Anne or come to the office yea?


  1. Novels, story books…
    • Karen Kingsbury, “Remember”
    • Melody Carlson, “Torch Red”
    • Melody Carlson, “Food’s Gold”
    • Melody Carlson, “Blade Silver”
    • Stephanie Perry Moore, “Totally Free”
    • Stephanie Perry Moore, “Purity Reigns”
    • Nancy Rue, ” ‘Nama Beach High: New Girl in Town”
    • Sarah Anne Sumpolec, “The Passage”
    • C.S.Lewis, “The Screwtape Letters”
    • Manga: Messiah
    • Manga: Mutiny
    • Manga: Metamorphosis
    • Nappa Wakefield, “True Stories of Transformed Lives”
    • Left Behind Series #1-8
  2. Bible Study stuff
    • Kevin Loo, Everyday Daily Devotion 2
    • Bill Hybels, “Community: Building Relationships within God’s family”
    • Craig Groeschel, “CHAZOWN: A different way to see your life”
    • Bruce Wilkinson, “A life God Rewards for Teens”
    • Bruce Wilkinson, “The Prayer of Jabez for Teens”
    • Navigator Study, “DFD#3: Walking with Christ”
    • Navigator Study, “DFD#4: The Character of the Christian”
    • Navigator Study, “DFD#6: Growing in Discipleship”
    • The Navigators, “DFD2.1: The Life – A journey with God”
    • RBC Dicsovery Series: “Learning to walk by Faith: Ruth & Hannah”
    • RBC Dicsovery Series: “How can I understand the Bible?”
    • RBC Dicsovery Series: “Why is life so Unfair?”
    • Kevin Johnson, Deeper Series, “Trust: Meet the World’s One Savior and Lord”
    • Scripture Union, “Bible Bytes: A Bible reading Guide for youth Vol.1
  3. Other Kinds of Reading Stuff
    • Dave Earley, “The 21 most Dangerous Questions of the Bible”
    • Richard Abanes, “What every parent needs to know about Video Games”
    • Melvin W Wong, “A practical guide: Raising Gender Confident kids”
    • Stephen M. Miller, “Incredible Mysteries of the Bible: A visual exploration”


  1. Movies
    • Final Exit
    • The Second Chance
    • Thr3e
    • Luther
  2. Other resources Stuff
    • Galilee: The Land where Jesus walked
    • The Great Debate

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